Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Marinated Artichokes


     Marinated artichokes are delicious. If you're avoiding vinegar (whether because it's made from corn or because it's fermented and could contain traces of yeast), or if you're worried what might be lurking in the "spices," you may want to make your own. 

     juice of 1/2 lemon (See Juice in the Glossary)
     1/4 c. olive oil (See Oil in the Glossary)
     1/2 tsp. salt (See Salt in the Glossary)
     pinch of mint (See Spices in the Glossary)
     pinch of oregano (See Spices in the Glossary)
     pinch of black pepper (See Spices in the Glossary)
     4-6 large artichokes

  A. Prep the artichokes. For this you have a few choices: 

  1. Trim raw artichokes as desired. At a minimum, peel off all the outer, hard, spiky leaves. I prefer peeling off all the leaves and all the fuzz. Keep the stems, but peel them. This method is time-consuming.
  2. Precook the artichokes (boil for 45 minutes or so, until the inside is tender: poke with a skewer to check). Let them cool down; then trim them. (BTW, the tender parts of the leaves are good to eat.)
  3. Start with a can or two of artichoke hearts; drain. Canned artichokes come packed with water containing citric acid, which is likely to be a corn product. Most of this should be removed by the next step, but be aware that this method may not be 100% corn-free.
     B. Whisk all ingredients other than the artichokes together in medium bowl. 
     C. Put the artichokes into a pot of boiling water; bring it back to a boil; cook: 
  • Raw, thoroughly trimmed artichokes: 20 minutes or so, until tender.
  • Precooked artichokes: 3-5 minutes, until hot throughout.
  • Canned artichokes: 3 minutes.
     D. Drain.
     E. Stir the artichokes into the marinade. Stir a few times over the next half 

     F. Refrigerate.