Saturday, July 8, 2017

Corn-Free Syrups and Corn-Free Soda Pops

Rhubarb syrup and rhubarb soda

     Most commercial syrups are made with corn syrup, as is most soda pop. To make simple syrup from your choice of plain sugar, follow this recipe:

     1 part water
     2 parts sugar (See Sugar in the Glossary)

     Heat the sugar and water together, stirring constantly, until the mixture boils. The sugar should be thoroughly dissolved. Refrigerate.

     Fruit or other flavored syrups: In place of the water, substitute any fruit juice to which you are not allergic. (See Juice in the GlossaryMint or other infusions and rhubarb juice make interesting syrups too. (To juice rhubarb in a juicer, first peel the stalks. The strings clog up juicers.) Sweeter fruit juices will make somewhat thicker syrups. For infusions that don't have any acidity (such as mint), you need to add some lemon juice to prevent mold.

     Soda Pop: To make soda pop, mix 1 part flavored syrup with 3 or so parts plain soda water.

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