Recipe Index

Apple butter 

Asparagus soup, creamy, dairy-free, gluten-free 

Asparagus, roasted

Banana-date dessert, mostly nonallergenic 

Banana ice cream, hypoallergenic, single-ingredient 

Baba gannozh (eggplant dip), sesame-free

Beef buckwheat soup

Beef filling for tacos and burritos, hypoallergenic 

Beef stewed in pomegranate juice (boeuf au jus de grenade) 

Beet garnish 

Beet salad, hypoallergenic

Beets, marinated

Boeuf au jus de grenade (beef stewed in pomegranate juice) 

Braised onions 

Brisket, beef, un-corned with cabbage 

Brittle, nut-free, peanut-free, dairy-free

Broccoli salad, nonallergenic

Broth, mushroom 

Brown rice tea, Korean

Brussels sprouts, marinated

Buckwheat pancakes, allergen-free

Buckwheat pilav (kasha) 

Buckwheat salad, hypoallergenic 

Cabbage, caramelized 

Candied squash

Caramel sauce, corn-free, dairy-free

Caramel-apple ice cream 

Caramelized cabbage 

Caramelized onions

Carrot garnishes, dairy-free

Carrot hummus 

Carrot salad, yeast-free, corn-free

Carrot soup, dairy-free, gluten-free

Carrots, marinated

Carrots, roasted

Catsup, corn-free, yeast-free 

Cauliflower, fried

Cauliflower, marinated

Cauliflower salad, grated

Cauliflower soup, dairy-free, gluten-free, creamy

Celery juice marinade

Celery soup, nonallergenic creamy

Chicken, fried, allergen-free
Chips, kale

Chocolate, hot, hypoallergenic

Chocolate-banana ice cream, hypoallergenic 

Chocolate cookies without the usual allergens

Coconut aminos/black pepper marinade

Cookies, chocolate, without the usual allergens

Coq au Jus de Grenade (chicken stewed in pomegranate juice) 

Corn-free syrups and corn-free soda pops 

Crackers, Thai rice

Cranberry salad dressing, vinegar-free, citrus

Crumble topping for pie, nonallergenic

Cucumber-avocado dip, hypoallergenic
Eggplant salad

Favas with olive oil but no major allergens

Fried chicken, allergen-free

Horseradish sauce, corn-free yeast-free

Hot chocolate, hypoallergenic

Hummus, carrot

Hünkarbeğendi minus the allergens: best lamb stew ever

Ice, peach 

Ice cream, banana, single-ingredient hypoallergenic, 

Ice cream, caramel-apple 

Ice cream, chocolate-banana, hypoallergenic

Ice cream, mango, without the usual allergens

Ice cream, pumpkin pie, without dairy, eggs, gluten, corn or soy, smooth, creamy

Ice cream, rhubarb, with no common allergens

Ice cream, soft-serve, single serving of hypoallergenic 

Jelly, mint

Kale chips

Mint jelly, corn-free

Minty lemonade

Mushroom broth

Mushroom salad, hypoallergenic

Mushroom spread (duxelles) 

Mushrooms, fried without butter, perfect

Mushrooms, stuffed, dairy-free, gluten-free 

Mustard, corn-free, yeast-free
"Pickle," daikon

Pie crust, nonallergenic

Pilav, rice

Pizza, 5-minute hypoallergenic

Pomegranate vinaigrette, vinegar-free, citrus-free

Potato-Leek Soup

Potato salad with no eggs, no mayo and no dairy, best ever
Raspberry lemonade

Rice crackers, Thai

Rice pilav

Rice stuffing, hypoallergenic
Rice with Favas


Stew, best ever lamb: hünkarbeğendi minus the allergens

Stir-fry sauce, soy-free, corn-free, sesame-free, fermentation-free 

Sushi dipping sauce, soy-free, corn-free, sesame-free, fermentation-free

Sushi rolls

Swedish meatballs, mostly authentic, without the usual allergens

Sweet potatoes and yams, roasted

Syrups, corn-free, and corn-free soda pops 

Tarator sauce, sesame-free

Turnip salad, grated

Un-corned beef brisket with cabbage

Vanilla extract 
Veggie filling/spread, hypoallergenic Mediterranean

Veggie fried rice, soy-free 


Vinaigrette, lemon

Vinaigrette, vinegar-free, citrus-free pomegranate

Yams and sweet potatoes, roasted 

Zucchini bread rounds with none of the usual allergens, small 

Zucchini, chicken-fried, without wheat or eggs 

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